The name of the largest island in the ocean of Urdlesa, as well as the large metropolis upon it.

Dunstwald is massive metropolis famous for being foggy all the fucking time. It’s meme like. Occasionally the fog is thick enough that only some blind weirdo in a red jumpsuit called Risktaker can get around in it. Basically, what do you see when I say the phrase “foggy Londontown…OH SHIT IS THAT JACK THE RIPPER!” That’s what it looks like.

Roughly 3000 years ago the wizards on the then dominate eastern continent dun goofed and summoned three massive monsters, one in the air, one on the land, and one in sea that fucked shit up. Specifically Dunstwald was destroyed by a massive tidal wave and buried. Once the monsters were defeated the city was rebuild on the ruins of the old one.

In its current state it stands as the most important trading center in the world. Due to geographical, political, and military issues, most of the world relies on Dunstwald for trading. This has allowed the city to function autonomously since its rebuilding. Due to its importance it is the one true melting pot in the world, since business is business no matter where it comes from. The money must flow. The city is ruled by High Chancellor Gregor, who was elected by The Council, who were in turn elected by residents of the city. Brad this would be much easier if you were with us when I did this in person. I’m kinda sick of typing.

Anyway there have been a slew of murders in Dunstwald going on for about three months now. At first it was mostly street urchins or dockworkers who got mother fuckin stabbed. But the past month has seen the murders get…weird. Sometimes the bodies are turned inside out. Sometimes it looks like a puddle of blood with random body parts floating in the blood. Sometimes they were found drowned. Sometimes they just find entrails decorating the magic streetlamps with eyeballs as ornaments. Sometimes they just find the skin of body with nothing inside. Isn’t that weird? Well the big players in the city think so too, specifically since everyone is a target now. The fey and dwarven envoys have withdrawn from the city and ships are beginning to avoid the port. Es muy no bueno.

To find the killers, the City Guard, the Council, the Church of the Sea and Fortune, the Thieves, and the Lorekeepers. The prevailing theory is that the murderer retreats to the subcity as this is is home to the outcasts, truly downtrodden, and psychos they throw down there. Most of these people make a pretty miserable living in buildings near the entrance, but no one ever goes too deep in do to the fog. For some reason beyond a mile from the center of the subcity, a fog is constantly there, people go in and very rarely return, Those who do are changed so much they are barely recognizable and always insane. Always. Occasionally the fog will open a building or street and adventures are know to explore while possible with the intention of reclaiming some lost treasure from before the world briefly ended. Your job is find the murderer.

The western end of the city is the low income area and parts are pretty bad.

Humans make up about 70 percent of the city. It’s the closest thing to a melting pot the world has and outright racism is highly frowned upon since it hurts business. The city is run by humans with envoys from the elves and dwarves adding their two golds. There are powerful merchants in the city from every other major race however


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