Walter Rooke


25-year-old son of the merchant Thomas Rooke, Walter takes his role as heir seriously but doesn’t let it keep him from enjoying his life. He enjoys learning about the world through reading, so his father has one of the larger libraries in Dunstwald. He often prefers interesting company over books, however, and attends many social functions (which is also great for his future as heir to the mercantile company).

Not long after Elerin began working at the manor, Walter found her reading a book in the library. Rather than simply sending her off with a rebuke, they managed to strike up a conversation. A conversation in which his own treasured wit was somewhat outmatched. [I might elaborate on this encounter later]. He took a liking to her, and started co-opting her for his own personal tasks, talking to her, and allowing her to read while she would normally be working.

Archer and Walter had barely interacted before this, but Archer is now very suspicious of Walter’s motivations. It may have become a problem if Archer had continued working at the manor, but he knows enough to not seek out Walter and to trust Elle to handle herself. Walter just thinks it’s stupid; he can have his way much more attractive women than a 14-year-old, slightly malnourished peasant.

Walter Rooke

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