Sylvir Winter

First Spear of Winter


An elf from the Winter Court of some other land than Dunstwald. He may have come on official business, or just as a traveler or even some sort of pilgrim. Generally seemed to treat Elerin and Atheon as the children of his beloved Paige rather than his own children, but was still fond of them in this way.

After leaving, he continued to support Paige financially through his son Content Not Found: step-brother, who even got Atheon his job at manor-lord‘s manor. The assistance continued after Paige’s death, but it still was not enough to make their lives comfortable, even with Atheon working, and they still had many hard times.

Atheon has never particularly questioned the attitude of the elves related to him, assuming that it was largely normal (something his mother seemed to believe as well). He never much payed attention to the details his mother would tell him about his father, though Content Not Found: step-brother’s help with manor-lord has cemented the vague notion that his elven relations can be socially useful. Atheon personally remembers little about his father, most of what knowledge he does have coming from those around him.

Sylvir Winter

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