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  • High Guard Ofrelm

    Leader of the [[City Guard]] As uncorrupted a man can be in this city. About 6’4" tall, black hair, short black beard, full plate and packing, and built like a brick house. But not a sexy brick house…unless…no you wouldn’t want to do that. He runs a …

  • Chancellor Richelm

    Leader of the [[Council | Council]]. The youngest Chancellor at 31 years, he is a charming, if dimwitted man, elected on his promise to help increase city safety. He has close ties with the city merchants and prefers the use of mercenaries to the city …

  • Sir Bindo

    Protector of [[:Enor | Lady Enor]]. A lifelong Paladin. Very stern, he oversees the protection of the [[The Church of Sea and Fortune | Church]] and actively works with the city guard when needed. 6’6" blad, angry looking.

  • Lady Enor

    Leader of [[The Church of Sea and Fortune]] (with Sir Bindo). Lady Enor is the young Cleric to the Goddess of the Sea and Fortune. She is around 14 years old and as is the case with all Clerics she gives off an otherworldly aura and his incredibly …

  • John Willeon

    Leader of the [[The Lorekeepers | Lorekeepers]]. John Willeon an affable if eccentric man mostly interested in the unusual fog patterns in Dunstwald.

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