Elerin Winter-Archer


Elle is intellectual, curious, and introverted, and she shares much of the self-confidence of her mother and some of the stubbornness of her brother. She tends to spend what free time she has on what little books or information she can acquire, and Atheon wasn’t above borrowing books from manor-lord to help her if it looked like he wouldn’t be caught. Though she finds Atheon’s protectiveness a bit stifling from time to time, she respects what he has done and still does for her, and he respects her enough that he rarely asks something of her that becomes a real issue.

Elle and Atheon have sparred occasionally ever since Atheon felt she could handle it, Atheon telling her that being able to defend herself was worth more than the best protection he could ever offer, though he’d damn well try. She was never particularly skilled at it, though they both felt she could probably fight her way free of most situations. As time passed Atheon’s growth far outpaced her own, and despite his best efforts he tended to give in to the excitement too much when they had a good bout. She began to rarely get through the sparring without a few sizable bruises, and sparring became less frequent as she began to get more involved with manor-lord.

When Elle turned 10, Atheon managed to get her a job at manor-lord‘s manor. It was something she had wanted to do for a while, from curiosity as well a desire to do more to help Atheon, but which had made him incredibly nervous (and still does, on some level). She’s much better suited to proper manners than Atheon is, and became important to manor-lord even as Atheon became unbearable and was let go.

Elle has no recollection of Sylvir, but thanks to Rathal she knows much more about him than Atheon.



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