Atheon Winter-Archer


Half-elf barbarian
Speaks Common but is illiterate. Can passably understand Elven, but is very hard-pressed to speak it.

STR 18 INT 8
CON 16 WIS 10
DEX 16 CHA 8
Skill Ranks Total Rage Total
climb 4 8 10
intimidate 4 3 3
jump 4 8 10
Save Base Total Rage Total
Fortitude 2 5 7
Reflex 0 3 3
Will 0 0 0
+2 against enchantment effects
immunity to magic sleep


  • Combat Reflexes
  • Power Attack

Atheon Archer is large for a human, let alone a 17-year-old half-elf, with shoulder-length blond curls he pulls back into a ponytail when attempting to be more formal. He’s generally cocky and stubborn, but can generally tone it back when necessary. He’s never considered well mannered, but can avoid insulting anyone if he really tries at it. Over the past few years he has begun to show a growing thirst for danger and excitement, though he isn’t one to contemplate why it exists or worry about what it might mean. He is deeply protective of his baby sister Elle.

Archer has always lived in Dunstwald. At first with his human mother Paige Archer and elven father Sylvir Winter in relative comfort. Eventually Ellerin joined them, but Sylvir left not many years after and the remaining three ended up back in the slums of the western end of the city. Sylvir still provided them with some assistance through his full-blooded elf son, Rathal. Between this and Archer’s mother’s job as a barmaid, they lived in a place with solid walls and a door that could be barred, so they never felt they could truly complain.

Rathal managed to land Archer work at manor-lord’s manor, doing whatever it was that was needed done and could be made so by an 8-year-old. Archer soon began to grow, however, and was quickly given more physically demanding tasks while also discouraging him from interacting with manor-lord, let alone guests. This was fine with him, though, as his enjoyment of physical labor grew and his ability to accept pointless ritual and decorum shrunk.

His mother died of illness about a year after he began working, but he was responsible for Elle and would never allow himself to grieve in a way that would make it harder to provide for her. He soon began to do what he could to teach Elle to defend herself, though it was mostly about exercise and improvisation seeing as he had no real training himself. She was inquisitive and sought out every opportunity she could to learn; Archer helped where he could, but tried to keep her from doing anything dangerous just for the sake of her curiosity.

.. to be continued..


+0: born 7/14/*
+3.7: Elle was born.
+6: Sylvir left Dunstwald
+8: Archer begins working for manor-lord
+9: Archer’s mom dies
+13.7: Elle begins working for manor-lord
+14: manor-lord lets Archer go. Archer does whatever odd jobs he can find.
+16: gains steady employment as
+17: campaign start



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