With Strange Eons, Even Fog May Die

The Descent

< Archer only>

Content Not Found: olav_ suddenly calls Archer up when Archer is hanging out with Elle. _Content Not Found: willeon walks in with a couple menacing half-orc henchmen. Olav greets him warmly, then leaves the room. Willeon rambles on about the fog, tells Archer he wants to hire him to join a group to go into the fog and solve the murders, and offers him lots of money. Archer accepts, goes to talk with some friends about helping Elle if she needs it, and is led off to the meet spot.

</ Archer only>

Content Not Found: sylverron_, Content Not Found: vlygar_, and Content Not Found: tamrel_ are waiting, along with [man that Little Budde knows] and a rather put-upon merchant, when _Content Not Found: willeon and Archer show up. John Willeon begins raving about how excited he is for us all to go on this suicide mission, and [mtLBk] makes a couple snide comments and leaves. Sir Bindo shows up with Content Not Found: cal, suffers Willeon for a bit, then leaves Cal to join us. Willeon invites us one last time to make use of the merchant’s begrudgingly discounted prices, then the merchant heads off, leaving Willeon with Cal, Archer, Sylverron, Vlygar, and Tamrel.

Willeon explains that we are to find the man behind these murders, who likely has a crazy magic amulet the Lorekeepers lost, and deal with him. We are going to be locked in the undercity until we accomplish this task. If a month goes by without the murders stopping, they’ll assume we’re dead and move on to the next batch of adventurers. He gave each of the five of us a ring that keeps away fog (at least normal fog) and sent us on our way.

We descended, the stairwell lit by magic torches, and came upon a roadway lit by more magic torches. We followed the road towards the center of the undercity, but soon spotted a young girl cowering behind a barrel. Archer, followed by Tamrel, approached her and attempted to keep her from freaking out. This didn’t go too well, but they managed to get her to talk about “bad men” led by “a monster”, but safety and more information could be found with “Prim” at “the inn”. She then ran off down an alley.

Content Not Found: sylverron_ seemed like he might know where the inn was and we preferred to stay in the light, so we continued along the path. We eventually saw a long line of barrels, and upon approaching them Content Not Found: cal_ was shot by a crossbow bolt coming from the barrels. We ducked into an alley and attempted to parley, but were soon chased down the alleyway. Content Not Found: alice from before managed to find us, however, and led us away from our pursuers and to a building near the stairs we’d come down on.

Inside the building was Content Not Found: prim_, many children [and women?], and a sleeping man tied to a chair in the corner. The building was not well taken care of and neither were the people, with the smell of filth hanging in the air. The matron, Content Not Found: prim_, rushed forward to scold our guide, Content Not Found: alice, and to figure out who the hell we were. She seemed to accept that we were trying to stop the murders, and did her best to provide useful information.

She talked of how people who recently wandered into the fog hadn’t become entirely crazy, but instead were relatively lucid but fanatically fixed on “The Ascension” and [I think some reference to the fog man]. Also, there has been talk of a “Foggy-Eyed Killer” [I’m getting tired and forgetting chunks of this]. She pointed us to the man tied up in the corner, saying that he was one of these new fog victims, but he only mumbled incoherently about “The Ascension” and being given the fog.

We once again headed out to the undercity center, this time going along the rooftops. This had occasional problems, culminating in Content Not Found: sylverron_, Content Not Found: tamrel_, and Content Not Found: vlygar falling through a roof and alerting some nearby fog victims. As we attempted to distract them and go around, Vlygar fucked up a jump across the rooftops and had to make a break through the alleys. He quickly got cornered, and a fight broke out in earnest.

We’d largely won it when a giant, disturbingly slender fog monster appeared and proceeded to calmly punch and demolish a building. We ran out of the alleys and booked it down the main avenue, but soon ran into a bank of fog. Luckily the rings actually worked like they were supposed to. Unluckily, the fog then coalesced into the fog monster from before. We once again turned and run away, finding that most of the battlefield we’d just left was still clear of fog. That wouldn’t be true for long, as we could see banks of fog rolling in from all sides, and the fog monster still coming from what was now behind us.

Archer went down due to some of the fog victim stragglers, and Vlygar finally become desperate enough to start attacking the fog monster. He was pleasantly surprised to find that it seemed to work, and the others immediately starting hammering away at it. They managed to disperse it, killed the last fog victim before he could flee, and set about tending to the wounded. Archer was still alive, though unconscious, but regained consciousness as they poured a healing potion down his throat.

<level> [I want to keep track of this, but I want to show it’s clearly separate from the fluff nature of the adventure log]

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