So…How are we doing? That’s great. Glad to hear it. Anyway you are all cordially invited to be apart of my “Can I DM AND scare the pants off of people I know” experiment. I have spoken to most of you about the rules but for those who don’t know (fuck you Brad!) Here they are,

1-We will not metagame. That means no talking to anyone but me about your character. If your character wouldn’t know, you don’t know.
2-Seriously no metagaming. The point is sit down with a group of strangers. You won’t know who they are and have to learn on your own. Unless it pleases me. Funny asides will be made based on previous games. But that’s it!
3-All 3.5 Martial Classes are allowed. No Spellcasters. Rangers and Loladins are ok. Also one is not a “class”. Saying you’re a fighter means you like to fight. Not that you have a sheet in front you covered in pizza sauce that says “I’m a fighter!!!” on it.
4-All regular 3.5 races allowed.
5- I’m sorry Brad I didn’t mean that.
6- Look at the lore, make your character, message me and only me, and I will get you where you need to be. The idea is to sit down, set a scene, and we go. You know who you are, and the goal. Anything basically goes from there.
7-This will be Role-Play and problem solving heavy. Not that there won’t be combat but you are playing with strangers and need to get to know them a bit. Unless you’re character is anti social or something. What I’m trying to say is, you guys should be talking quite a bit and I (hopefully) will set a good enough scene that I won’t need to talk.
8-Look Brad I feel terrible about I said. Let’s be friends? On FB as well so you can message me.
9-This is how skill checks will work for the most part, If you were trying to “bluff” someone, whatever lie you come up with will determine the difficulty of the check.
10-Wouldn’t be cool if I managed to think of a tenth rule? Brad can you help?

With Strange Eons, Even Fog May Die

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